What Shoppers Want Most From A Yellow Pages Ad

Yellow Pages advertising has such great potential as it’s so perfectly targeted: When folks pick up the Yellow Pages, they have practically already spent their cash on a particular product or service they haven’t yet determined which company to provide it to.Image result for Yellow Pages Advertising

When putting together your Yellow Pages ad, remember this rule: make sure that your ad gives customers what they need, and you’re going to receive the calls along with the company as opposed to your competition.

Alright, so what exactly do Yellow Pages users need most? Exactly what are they looking for in your ad? It is simple:

Yellow Pages users want to know “What’s In It For Me?”

Now you know that, how can it help you create a killer Yellow Pages ad?

The best thing you can do to make your prospect feel as if you care about him or she would be to include a persuasive OFFER in your Yellow Pages ad.

Be sure that you take into consideration the all-important life value of a client (LCV) if you think about everything to offer to help you draw that new customer. Consider a local pizza shop owner who offers a free pizza to each new mover in his neighborhood.

Could it be worth it to him to a place that provides to his annuaire page jaune to attract a Maximum $6,000 in the company (that new mover can spend $25 per week in his pizza shop to get the next five years) to his shop rather than one of his rivals? Hmmm…. Let us see…. That’s one pizza at a cost to the shop owner of roughly $3.00 to get $6,000.00 in the company away from his competitors. How many times do you like to make that trade-off?

And what if even only one out of each new movers who took advantage of that free pizza offer became loyal clients worth $6,000 over the next five decades? That is roughly $12 in meals cost for $6,000 in the company – or 500 times the yield on your investment. And we are not even counting all of the warnings to this pizza shop during the next five years from that one happy customer!

Can you see how important it is to include a compelling deal in your Yellow Pages ad?

So why do so few Yellow Pages ads contain a persuasive offer? Who knows? Often small business owners are great at supplying a product or service, but they are perhaps not the savviest of entrepreneurs. Be happy when THEY do not follow this simple rule – that means much more chance for YOU!

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