The Music Box

Have you ever wondered when music started? Why did music start? As I ponder this question, my conclusion believes that the oldest melodic strains were reproduced to mimic the ambient music of nature. Our society has gotten so restless and busy that we overlook nature’s sweetest sounds.

I have always loved music! Music can quiet the soul and calm the soul. My oldest fascination with a music box arrived when I was just a little girl. A ballerina music box has been given to me when I was six years old. Whenever I got into trouble with my folks, I’d retreat to my bedroom, catch my ballerina music box, place across the bed; wind the ballerina up along with the music would begin. I’d watch her twirl smoothly as the music flowed from the bottom.

These cute adorable boxes are one of life’s little dragons! A wooden or porcelain box just adorned is opened, the music starts and memories flood! Sometimes a brand new memory is created. Such is the case for me. I’ve always loved the rustic smell of an old music box and attempting to remember the name of this tune being played. You just can’t help but smile!

Over πιστες αθηνα , I have come to treasure these presents even more than when I first received them. I really like to open a musical box, then have a deep breath, turn the wind-up key and just listen, drinking at the mesmerizing tune and recalling that someone loves me.

I love if my granddaughter comes over. We’ll pull one out at a time, wind the key and pay attention. . .smiling because we look into each other’s eyes with broad expectation, almost holding our breath, thus we don’t miss a single note of the refrain. Priceless moments. Simple moments. Beautiful minutes.

There are all kinds of music boxes: jewellery boxes, dolls with music boxes, musical carousels, ballerina music jewelry boxes, musical water globes, patriotic music boxes, music boxes along with sports topics (soccer, basketball, football, hockey, golf, etc.) You will find spiritual music boxes and music boxes to watch some of our favorite animals.

The standard of audio in the music box fluctuates according to the note movements, which can range from 18 note movements up into the beautiful 72 note movements. The value fluctuates suitably with all the craftsmanship and quality of the materials used in audio boxes. In the event you have a music box in need of repair or restoration, there is help available. A master restorer should be consulted particularly if the audio box is a classic or of considerable price.

Musical boxes may be like the majesty of a fine grandfather clock with a Westminster chime movement constituting the quarter hour with lovely tones. The atmosphere becomes alive with a relaxed ambiance that says,”I am home now and can relax!”

If you’re searching for a thoughtful, classic heirloom, think about giving the unusual gift of a music box. Create a couple memories and enjoy those moments once the world stands still for just a moment; you sigh and smile.

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