Never Let Your Body Avoid You From Doing Your Greatest!

There are three types of sports massage, each with different techniques and different objectives.

Pre-event massage helps prevent injury through warming up the muscles, increasing your flexibility and range of motion for optimum athletic performance, increasing nutrient and blood flow to muscles.

Sporting Massages also reduces tension and stress and promotes psychological readiness, which can be a crucial element in your sporting career.
Post-event massage reduces the impact of harm caused to the muscles during workout. The swelling caused by tiny tears of muscular fibres is reduced along with relieving your nervous muscles and aiding in the removal of lactic acid and other toxins.
This damage generally leads to soreness a day or 2 after exercise and most of us know this as delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Click here for post natal massage singapore is demonstrated to work in reducing the intensity and duration of DOMS that’s excellent news for every sportsperson.

Maintenance massage is a daily routine for the best athletes on the planet. Obviously daily massage isn’t practical/affordable for the typical person but getting regular massage once a week to every few weeks will keep the entire body in top condition.

Maintenance Sports massage can aid flow and muscular performance, prevent overuse injuries and make it possible for you to fight off injuries, train better and function to your very best.

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